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Venice CA

Hand-Crafted Content, unique for your brand.

We create highly impactful video+visual content for brands looking to elevate their digital marketing campaigns.

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Crafted Content is a boutique digital content studio based out of Venice, California.

We exist to help amplify your brand’s marketing message via digital content. Our approach is customized to your unique industry, brand identity and voice.

Who We Serve


Looking to create high-impact short form video/visual marketing content


Needing a niche production team to handle their digital/social campaign content


Needing assistance co-producing or upgrading their current content

What We Do

Short-form marketing videos

Creative content direction

Video production+enhancement

Digital/social campaigns

Short-form video content creation, from ideation to execution.

Platforms include:

social media platforms

Clients Include

Clients Crafted Content has worked with

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